Transition-Ing Out of Your Business!

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Are you prepared for that transition?

When you’re ready to retire are you going to close

the business or sell it?

Is there someone in the family who is prepared to take the business over and continue running it in a manner that demonstrates good business sense?

How do you transition yourself out of the business?
What are you currently doing or have you done to prepare for retirement?

You have already invested both sweat equity and money into building a business that has fed and cared for you and your family.

Can you retire comfortably knowing that the business is in good hands and will continue to prosper?

Can your sweat equity pay off when you retire?

We’ve been business broker / consultants since 1981. We’ve helped hundreds of business owners transition out of their business. That is our job.

Call us if you’d like to discuss the idea of Transition-Ing, Selling, and/or determining the Value of Your Business.  I know we can be helpful in giving you insight at a turning point in your life.

Best Regards,
Peter Vadas, President

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