Beverage Store With Real Estate / Same Owner for Many Years!

Cuyahoga County

Asking Price:  $550,000   (includes Real Estate & FF&E)

Gross Sales:  $974,030

Cash Flow:  $74,000 - $100,000

Inventory:  $100,000 at Cost   (not included in Asking Price)

This beverage store has all the features of a valuable business : long history, great location, parking, and visibility, and profitability. The Real Estate and FF&E are included in the Asking Price. The Inventory is valued at over $100,000 at cost, and is not included in the Asking Price.

Bank Financing is available: The Bank will require $214,000.00 as a down payment with good credit history and some experience in managing a business. The bank will finance $436,000.00 for 20 to 25 years at 6% to 7% interest.

The free standing building contains 3,264 square feet situated on .25 acres on a main thoroughfare with high visibility and excellent parking and access. Inside you will find all the shelving and walk in coolers that a fantastic beverage store would need!

There is a beverage store 3 miles east of this store that does a major business in delivery. That service can add to any business that is in a good community.

This is located in a very good community and the surrounding area is also of the same caliber. Delivery should be considered as an additional service that is offered by this store. You can charge a fee for delivery. 10 plus years ago this store did have a delivery service. Delivery can add 30% to the gross sales and going back to the old hours is important. The hours could also be extended, as they were cut back three years ago.

The seller will stay with the new owner for 4 weeks, not to exceed 20 hours per week if needed.  The owner is retiring after many years in business.

Convenience Store with Small Shopping Center

Lorain, Ohio

Asking Price:  $630,000

Gross Sales:  $840,000

FF&E:  $50,000

Inventory:  $50,000

Cash Flow:  $84,000

Shopping Center:  8100 sq. ft. on 1 Acre of Land

The shopping center sits on 1 acre of land and has a total of 8100 sq. ft.  The building is divided into 3 stores.
There are three businesses in this shopping center.  There is a Convenience Store, a Cell Phone Store and a Tire Store.  The seller owns the Convenient Store that has 2,500 sq. ft., as well as the real estate.   He does not pay himself rent.

The Cell Phone Store has 1,000 sq. ft.. They pay $750 a month rent. They have a lease that expires on 9-30-2020.

The Tire Store has 4,600 sq. ft.. They pay $1,200. a month rent. Their lease expires 5-31-2018.

Rents in this community are going for $11. per sq. ft. At 8,100 sq. ft. that translates to $89,000.00 annual gross rental income. The owner is not getting the fair market value rent for this property.

Similar properties are selling for $82. per sq. ft. for the real estate alone. That translates to $664,000. selling price.  At $630,000 selling price for the real estate and the business, that is one hell of a deal. The convenience store has gross sales of $70,000 per month.  With $200,000 Down, the seller is willing to finance the balance for 10 years at 5% interest.

The Real Estate taxes are $8,184 per year,  plus any maintenance on the property such as the roof and parking lot.

Restaurant Bar - Cash Cow

Kent, Ohio

Asking Price:  $1,800,000

Gross Sales:  $2,276,775

FF&E:  $800,000

Inventory:  $10,000

Cash Flow:  Nets $400,000 +

Building:  7600 sq. ft.

The business has gross sales of $2.2 million.  Cost of goods is 35%.  Net income is over $400,000.

Asking Price is $1,800,000.  Cash Flow is $444,000.

This business is located in a college town; the clientele and the demographics are the reason that this location does such an outstanding business; it is run absentee.
The restaurant has 5600 sq. ft. on the inside; plus a patio/deck that is 1500 sq. ft. and has glass garage doors that can be closed in the winter and open in the summer.  There is also a 500 sq. foot deck that is not enclosed. Total seating is 300.  There is a 50-seat oval bar and flat screen TVs are placed strategically throughout. They purchase fresh produce daily from local farmers, which allows the chef to create exclusive daily specials.There are 50 employees with a General Manager, Assistant General Manager, and a Chef. They are open 7 days a week from 11 AM to 2:30 AM.
The rent is $9,313 per month. The lease expires in 2023; there are (2) 5 year options.
They have an Ohio Liquor Permit, Class D-5, D-6.
The Seller owns several other businesses and is running this one absentee.

Price Just Reduced Cleveland Downtown Deli & Restaurant;

Seller Motivated to Retire

Asking Price:  $279,000

Inventory:  $10,000 (not included in Asking Price)

Owner Financing:  $110,000  (the amount the owner is willing to finance)

The 3 most valued things that a business has.
Down Town Cleveland is growing in leaps and bounds. More apartments are being built every day. Apartments are being built in close proximity to this established restaurant and will provide an influx of residents which will undoubtedly become regular customers. There is a lot of activity going on in the area. Currently this restaurant serves a variety of soups, salads, steaks, chicken, and stacked-up sandwiches with plenty of beverages to suit everyone's needs,

The restaurant is in a large office building that has 85% occupancy and is wheel chair accessible. It can seat 145.
The current owner has owned the business since 1977.

The Customers are people that work in the offices in the surrounding buildings, plus the future residents of the new apartment buildings. They also do a brisk business that serves the theater crowd.

They have a D-1, D-2, D-3 and D-6 liquor License. That is Beer, Wine and Hard Liquor for 7 days a week. There is the possibility of having a breakfast crowd. Everything is in place. All you need is the staffing and a good breakfast menu. The rent will not change when you are open longer hours. Current Rent is $7475 / month.


Hair Franchise (Sold)

Asking Price:  $35,000

Metallizing Business (Sold)

Asking Price:  $450,000

Small Shopping Center on Broadway Avenue in Bedford, Ohio (Sold)
Asking Price:

Former Daycare Center; Real Estate Only for Sale (Sold)
Asking Price:  $520,000
The building has 5000 sq. ft. and is located on 1.39 acres in an exclusive East side community.  It was formerly a daycare center, but could be used for any type of retail business or office.  Call for more information and to take a tour.

Butcher Shop & Deli For Sale!  (Full Line) (Sold)
Asking Price:  $239,000
Gross Sales:  $931,919
Cash Flow:  $119,509
This is a full line butcher store. They make their own Italian Sausage and Kielbasa and carry all cuts of fresh meat including beef, pork, lamb, veal, and poultry.  In addition to a full line of meats they have a deli business plus dry imported Italian goods with beer and wine carryout.  They employ skilled butchers who know how to cut all the meats in this type of business.  Having been a family business for 45 years, they have well trained dedicated employees and over 5000 regular customers.

Asphalt / Blacktop Surface Sealer (Sold)
Asking Price:
Gross Sales:  $1,182,502.00
Cash Flow:  $282,390.00
This maintenance service business is in the building and construction industry and was established over 50 years ago. It continues to be highly profitable with a net operating income of $282,390.00. They service shopping centers, parking lots, and athletic facilities plus many businesses. They have over 600 customers. On the average 200 repeat resurfacing every 3 years.  The real estate, which includes over 3 acres, has two large buildings and an office. The seller is willing to stay with the buyer for one year as a paid consultant. This is a highly profitable business which will continue to perform at or above the current levels.

Daycare and Early Educational Center (Sold)
Asking Price:
Gross Income:  $529,677
FF&E:  $150,000 (included in asking price)
This educational and daycare facility services children from 6 weeks to 6 years, and after school and summer camp from 6 years to 10 years. They provide highly trained and experienced teachers and are state licensed. The owner/director is a highly trained educator and has developed an excellent educational program. The carefully prepared and stimulating environment gives the children many opportunities for
self directed learning and development. The director has provided a highly organized curriculum for the children, well thought out and implemented, plus an exceptional structure which is both inviting to the children as well as highly educational. A buyer who is looking for this type of business will be hard pressed to find one with the organizational structure of this one. Call today for information and a tour! 

Retail and Corporate Art Services – High Profit Exceptional Margin (Sold)
Asking Price:
Gross Sales:  $379,447.00
Cash Flow:  $133,000.00
If you have visited hospitals, hotels, doctors and dentists offices, business offices, banks, nursing homes, veterinarians, and corporate offices, you have undoubtedly seen numerous framed artwork, paintings, and prints on the walls.   This business provides this artwork and framing. The opportunities for this business are endless. You will easily learn this business with the assistance of the owners. Call for more information about this tremendous opportunity! This business is ideal for a sales oriented individual. They already have high profile corporate clients that require the services of this business and there is an unlimited pool of potential new clients from which to draw. Call today for more information and request a tour.
The owners are retiring.

Tavern in an Industrial Area of Cleveland (Sold)
Asking Price:
This tavern was established in 1950 in an industrial area of Cleveland. The current owners bought it in 1992.   The clientele is primarily from the surrounding industries, so they are considered “regulars”.  The husband became disabled a few years ago and the wife is not able to run the business by herself.  This is a good opportunity for someone who wants a “neighborhood bar”.  There are thousands of people who work in the surrounding factories.  They also do check cashing, which is an area that could be better advertised and more profitable if promoted.The tavern is located in a brick building and has 2000 square feet with seating for 40.  There is a small kitchen to handle bar foods.  You may even want to advertise “specials” to attract more customers.  There is not a lot of competition in the area.  The Down Payment is negotiable and the owner will finance the balance over 60 months @5%.  This sale includes a D-5, D-6 liquor license valued @ $30,000.

Cleveland Liquor License D-5, D-6 For Sale (Sold)
Contact Frank @ 216-481-0020 or email: .

Screw Machine Shop in Western Pa. (Sold)  
Asking Price:
 $4.3 Mil
Gross Sales:  $6 Mil
Cash Flow:  $1 Mil
ISO 9001:2008 registered manufacturer of screw machined and CNC turned precision products. In addition to the primary machining capabilities, they have extensive secondary machining
capabilities, and provide qualified plating, heat treating and other outside services to meet the completed part.

Closed Bar & Grill formerly Danny Boy’s, on Puritas Avenue in Cleveland (Sold)
Asking Price:
 $228,400 includes the real estate, furniture, fixtures and equipment and the  Liquor License.
Real Estate:  $198,400

Metal Stamping Plant  (Sold)
Asking Price:
 $4.1 Mil
Gross Sales:  $5.2 Mil
Cash Flow:  $1 Mil
Fabricator of sheet metal parts for automobiles, machines, and metal cabinetry.

Machine Tool Manufacturing & Repair Business in NW Ohio (Sold) 
Asking Price:
 $5.8 Mil
Gross Sales:  $8.1 Mil
Cash Flow:  $1.5 Mil
Services include machine repair (including on-site repair), rebuilding, and retrofitting. The shop can handle all types of machine tools from small tool room machines to large metal working machine tools.  Two overhead cranes can handle up to a 25-ton capacity.  Call for details.

Machine Shop (Sold)
Asking Price:
Gross Sales: $803,000
Cash Flow: $129,000

Restaurant with Patio, Party Room, and Bar (Sold)
Asking Price:
Gross Sales:  $1.2 Million
Cash Flow:  $184,000

Screw Machine Shop in Summit County (Sold)
Asking Price:
Gross Sales:  $980,000
Cash Flow:  $150,000

Ice Cream Parlor Includes Real Estate in a Prime Area (Sold)
Asking Price:
 $243,000 (for business & real estate)
Gross Income:  $135,000
Cash Flow:  $54,000
Real Estate:  $198,000.00

Tool & Die Manufacturing Co. (Sold)
Asking Price:
 $ 2,500,000
Gross Income:  $ 6,235,000
Cash Flow:  $ 975,000

Metal Stamping and Wire Fabricating Company (Sold)
Asking Price:
 $1.8 Million
Gross Sales:  $3.7 Million
Cash Flow:  $708,000

OB GYN Practice in Northeast Ohio (Sold)
Asking Price:
Gross Sales:  $1.4 Million
Cash Flow: $385,000

Floral Shop, Balloons, FTD, Full Service (Sold)
Asking Price:
Gross Sales:  $428,000
Cash Flow:  $95,000

Pizza Shop, Carry-out, Delivery, Dine-in (Sold)
Asking Price:
Gross Sales:  $289,000
Cash Flow:  $64,000  SOLD

Auto Parts, Tires, and Supplies (Sold)
Asking Price:
Gross Sales:  $643,000
Cash Flow:  $114,000

Beverage Store with Lottery and Check Cashing East Suburb (Sold) 
Asking Price:
Gross Sales: $750,000
Cash Flow:  $82,000

Mexican Restaurant in Southwest Cleveland Suburb (Sold) 
Asking Price:
Gross Sales:  $818,000
Cash Flow:  $109,000

Printshop, Full Service (Sold)
Asking Price:
Gross Sales:  $628,000
Cash Flow:  $140,000

HVAC Air Heat Full Line of Accessories (Sold) 
Asking Price:
Gross Sales:  $1.3 Million
Cash Flow:  $95,000

Police Badges, Emblems, & Supplies, Flags, & Religious Supplies with Real Estate  (Sold)
Asking Price:
 $387,000 (includes real estate)
Gross Sales:  $575,000
Cash Flow: $73,000

Grocery Store in Huron County Full Service (Sold)
Asking Price:
Gross Sales:  $1,250,000
Cash Flow:  $133,000

Fitness Center in Cuyahoga County (Sold)
Asking Price:
Gross Sales:  $620,000
Cash Flow:  $115,000

Winery and Restaurant with Real Estate (Sold)
Asking Price:
Gross Sales:    $7,000,000
Cash Flow: $785,000

Convenient Store with Check Cashing, Deli, & Lottery (Sold)
Asking Price:
Gross Sales:  $1,214,000
Cash Flow:  $154,000

Italian Restaurant with Large Heated Patio (Sold)
Asking Price:
Gross Sales:  $780,000
Cash Flow:  $128,000

Feed Store and Hardware with Real Estate (Sold)
Asking Price:
Gross Sales:  $1,180,000
Cash Flow:  $120,000

Neighborhood Grille & Deli (Sold)
Asking Price:
Gross Sales:  $585,000
Cash Flow:  $78,000

Coffee House Features Homemade Soups, Deli & Pastries (Sold)
Asking Price:
Gross Sales:  $289,000
Cash Flow:  $44,000

Glass Cutter, Mirrors, and Framing (Sold)
Asking Price:
Gross Sales:  $500,000
Cash Flow: $73,000

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